You may be eligible for Mental Health benefits through your Health Insurance. Depending on your Insurance plan or policy, coverage is offered either In Network or Out of Network.


In exchange for psychotherapy and counseling services, an agreed upon fee between myself(therapist) and you (client) will be set and payable at the end of each session. While I have an established fee, I do like to make my services affordable, and also offer a sliding scale based on financial need. Please contact me directly for my current fee schedule 212/340-9056 or via email.


Insurance Company’s for which I am an In Network Provider include: Blue Cross Blue Shield or Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Prior to getting started, it will be necessary to call your insurance co.(tel# on your insurance card) to inquire about your In Network coverage and benefits. Questions to ask:

1. Do I have In Network Mental Health Benefits?
2. What is my co-pay?
3. How many sessions will I be covered for?

At time of payment, you are only responsible for your co-pay, and I will bill your insurance plan directly for the billable amount of my fee.


For all other Insurance Plans, I would be an Out-of Network Provider (Aetna, Oxford, United Health Care, GHI, etc.) Please call your insurance carrier to inquire about Out of Network Coverage and Benefits. Some questions you may want to ask are:
1. Does my Insurance Policy have Out of Network Benefits and if so, is there a deductible?
2. How many sessions will I be covered for?
3. How much of the fee does my insurance policy cover (100%, 80%, other amount)?
I will be happy to generate a monthly statement of my services provided to you that you can submit to your insurance co. for reimbursement.


I accept check, cash and credit card, payable at end each of session.


To schedule an initial session or consultation you may call my confidential voicemail# at 212/340-9056. Please leave me your contact# and best times to reach you. You may also email me at I am usually able to schedule an initial session within the same week of our first telephone or email contact. Sessions are 50-minutes in length. Client and Therapist will attempt to agree on a day(s) and time in which sessions can be held on a regularly scheduled basis.


There is a 48 hour cancellation policy, and clients will be responsible for the session fee if a 48 hour time notice is not given.


All information conveyed by the Client to the Therapist is held in strict confidentiality. The confidential setting allows for trust to be established so that you may feely share thoughts and feelings in a safe, private, and contained environment. There are several exceptions to confidentiality in the psychotherapeutic setting:
a. If the Client reports a serious intent to harm himself;
b. If the Client reports a serious intent to harm another;
c. If the Client reports actual or reasonably suspected abuse to a minor(under 18), an elder(over 65), or a dependent adult (18-64 and dependent on other(s) for basic care);
d. If the Therapist is ordered to do so by court of law.
In these cases, appropriate action must be taken pursuant to the laws of the state of New York.
Additionally, insurance plans will often require information about diagnoses and treatment plans as a means of covering and monitoring treatment which will result in some compromise of the privacy of your treatment.