Working with Simona is a thought provoking, safe, and rewarding experience. She has a wonderfully balanced style of listening, questioning, and voicing her own thoughts. I enjoy my time with her because she allows me to talk about anything that's particularly on my mind, but she also helps me to maintain focus and connect back to the original issues I came to her about. A session with Simona feels safe; she cultivates an environment that feels like it truly belongs to you alone, and she doesn't pass judgement on anything you choose to share. She works with you to create a dialogue and develop a true partnership, one where you're exploring and discovering things together. Simona also encourages you to think out loud and come to your own conclusions. I highly recommend working with her. - A.S.,female,age 28

Simona is absolutely fantastic. She's patient and intuitive--knowing when to listen, and when to provide insight and ask thought provoking questions. Sessions with her feel safe, and she's been so helpful with issues concerning anxiety. I highly recommend her.
Sarah, age 25

I feel so strong and so delighted with the way Simona has helped me discover and uncover my feelings and my emotions when I am not able to do so by myself. Simona has helped me think of things in such a way which has had a profound and lasting effect on me. She has helped me to have much more pleasure from my experiences and in my relationships.
M., Client

The two year's Simona worked with Kaitlin was wonderful. Kaitlin wasn't reading until Simona started working with her on a regular basis. Kaitlin has blossomed into a wonderful and positive young person due to Simona’s wonderful and positive attitude. I feel as a parent that Simona has been instrumental in the early stage's of Kaitlin's developmental progress.
June and Kaitlin, Clients

I had the opportunity to co-facilitate ongoing family therapy sessions with Simona and have gotten to know Simona as a wonderful therapist with a loving heart and a good clinical mind.
Deborah Groening, MA LMFT
Director, Well Baby Center
Los Angeles, CA Colleague

As Clinical Director, I had the opportunity to supervise Simona on several challenging cases working with children from 3-8 years of age diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disroders, Asperger’s, ADHD, and a range of learning challenges. She performed these duties in various settings, including pre-school, elementary school, and in the client’s homes. Utilizing her behavioral as well as psychodynamic therapeutic skills, Simona assisted each child with his/her particular area of need, including socialization and play, focus and attention in the classroom, and a broad range of other behavioral goals. Simona was always extremely empathic toward her clients’ challenges while supportive and reinforcing of their strengths. Her empathic and caring nature was clearly conveyed by the strong bonds and relationships she developed with each child with whom she worked. It was clear that Simona was personally committed to each child’s growth and shared in their successes.
Fae Rubenstein, LCSW, Clinical Director
FOCUS Psychological-Educational Services

As a senior Crisis Counselor, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with and observe Simona while getting to know her professionally as well as personally. In her role as a crisis counselor, she has demonstrated enthusiasm, dedication, and an ever present willingness to dive in and do what is necessary to meet the needs of students, and get the job done. The Crisis unit here at the USC Student Counseling Services is a fast paced environment where students with a variety of urgent problems are served on a walk-in basis. The numbers and pace of the walk-in cases can prove to be stressful and at times overwhelming. Simona repeatedly demonstrated her ability to manage crises in an elegant, calm, and effective manner.
Maria Pozo-Humphreys, LCSW
USC Student Counseling Services